How IoT innovation is a game changer for telecom industry

Telecommunications has become fundamental component of daily activities in the last century, implementing new technologies on a large scale, in both business and consumer sectors. There are many opportunities in the domain of IoT for telecom industry. 

The DeviceHub ( IoT platform can support digital transformation of the telecommunications industry now stands at the crossroads of new revenue streams and new challenges brought by the revolution of connectivity. The 3G and 4G infrastructures have matured and companies are now looking to harness the latest upgrades to 5G infrastructure. Home automation and wearable devices are the top two successful examples of applying IoT to enhance telecom. IoT solutions for companies can take products and service customisation and post sale actions more natural and enhance the customer experience. 

In the near future, IoT smart sensors are going to diversify even more, expanding immersive gaming environments, improving health care coverage and making sport and fitness even more popular.

Internet of Things gives back the control to the individual, whether in healthcare, gaming or personal fitness goals, inspiring a personal revolution. 

Any average person is now able to read and interpret the smart sensors’ input and make sense of the software’s personalized recommendations and preform device management IoT way, through DeviceHub.

Thus, individuals become directly involved in the body-monitoring process as wearable devices suddenly make it both simple and fun to access and interpret various type of medical and non-medical personal data.

Internet of Things alongside 4G and 5G communications will super charge how people communicate and interact with tech

Blockchain  encryption

Cost efficient & sustenable  ​​​​​​​

Cross device integration

Anonymous consumer data analysis

Mobile ​​​​​​​controlled applications ​​​​​​​

Communications through cloud 

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