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Customizable and accurate, Smart Metering Pro is the utilities management platform that integrates smart meter data for electricity, gas, water and heating creating a dynamic application for automatic meter reading, analytics and billing

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How Smart Metering Pro works

DeviceHub Smart Metering Pro is the go-to application for smart meter data management app, gathering data through radio (GPRS, 3G, LTE LoRa, LTE, NB-IoT) or wi fi  and utilising the information received for billing, reports and archive information.

Collecting data

The technology of smart meters reports the consumption index to Smart Metering Pro platform via radio or wi-fi frequencies


Working as a smart metering software solution, it gathers data information in real time on individual meters or predefined groups of smart grid meters

Export data

Once the information in processed, the platform outputs the data in usable formats like csv or pdf alongside dynamic visual rendering 

Features and benefits

DeviceHub`s smart meter software data solution is a unique data management tool that can automate through an integrated, multilevel web based platform.

No more manual reading costs

Real time in-field information from each meter, reducing manpower and operational costs and time of delivery.

Universal hardware connectivity 

Connect any kind of M-BUS, MODBUS or pulse meter, wired or wireless on the market. 

Instant invoice and reports

Generate monthly bills for consumers, individual statistics or on a group. This way full process efficiency and transparency is ensured, excluding the human error component.


Extended battery life - minimum of 5 years for M-BUS - GPRS / NB - IOT, using less resources than conventional meters. ​​​​​​​

Hardware compatibility

Our software application for smart metering data is vendor agnostic, compatible with wired and wireless smart meter technology, even with old meters.

 Smart Metering Pro works with Kamstrup, Itron Abaro and ModBus protocol: Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric to name a few.
It can be integrated with any major smart meter model on the market today.

Compatibility Protocols - IoT Solution Compatibility Protocols - IoT Solution

Who can benefit from
​​​​​​​Smart Metering Pro ?

Smart Metering Pro addresses the needs of utility companies and consumers, offering suppliers of utilities the cloud software application for managing all smart meter infrastructure
Utility Suppliers 

Utility suppliers can offer precise services to their clients through the meter data management solutions at a fraction of the cost, comparing to old meters 

Smart Metering Pro can help space renters divide utility bills to their clients
Space Renters 

Renters of office buildings, industrial warehouses /retail spaces can benefit from sub-metering functionalities to efficiently divide utilities costs 

Smart Metering pro can help owners`association in managing ongoing re billing
E Meter Producers

Manufacturers of smart meters can use an integrated platform that can preform utility metering, sub-metering, data analysis  and reports

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