How the smart power grid integrates efficiency and performance with IoT technology

The real value of IoT techology is that it creates opportunities to realize the potential of data that resides in existing, unconnected infrastructures and, using data analysis, to extract insight and intelligence from them.

Internet of things can improve the efficiency and performance of the power grid in three phases: first, by gathering data from various sensors to improve the resilience of the grid; next, through enablement, where utilities use that data to actively manage resources; and finally, optimization, where all stakeholders are able to make informed, smart energy decisions about power usage and generation.

Efficient energy management is the key promise delivered by IoT innovation stepping on the pathway to industry 4.0. DeviceHub IoT platform powers energy metering solutions which can offer reliable and efficient energy management for all. Greater predictive ability allows more energy conservation initiatives to be implemented, including demand-response, time-of-day usage fees and dynamic pricing. This helps balance demand with supply and minimizes waste caused by over provisioning base or peak load.

Better energy conservation and the early detection of leak points are but the two first achievements of IoT smart sensors. Most likely, the future will see us combining different, (renewable and eco-friendly, included) energy sources in order to achieve a maximum of comfort with a minimum of waste.

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Furthermore, by enabling greater use of renewable generation, these digital transformation will also help electricity and utility companies meet regulatory obligations to reduce carbon emissions. The integration of Internet of Things in a smart power grid towards managing a smart energy type of system architecture can be supported by DeviceHub`s IoT platform, through addition, customisation, highly scalable and applicable to specific contextual demands.

Detailed and integrated consumption data may even revolutionize the way we interact with the available devices, not just enabling us to know how much we use these, but also empowering us to analyze how and why we employ the available technologies.

Internet of Things can make activities more energy responsable, while adressing the need for reusable energy in the smart power grid

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