Smart city landscape digital transformation powered by IoT solutions

Today’s cities have evolved into connected entities which exchange information with everyone and everything within the municipal area. It’s not just about better transportation or more effective machines, but also about streets, homes and citizens’ health and comfort being monitored in real-time.

A smart city is ever connected, always aware and able to prepare and plan accordingly. IoT enables both citizens and decision-makers to make better informed and faster decision in key areas such as security or disaster prevention. DeviceHub ( IoT platform can support the digital translation of an complex architecture, like in the case of a metropolis, trough it`s scalable, customisable unified dashboard.

Furthermore, IoT makes pollution and toxicity monitoring easy, safe and precise. The IoT smart sensors are a great shortcut to reducing administration costs while increasing urban efficiency. The next urban scenarios sound pretty promising. The smart city of the future is a green city where crime is unheard of, the air is breathable, the water potable and traffic jams are rather the exception, than the norm.
The non-disruptive innovation character of the digital translation can be done without suspending activities or discontinuing schedules.

All these are already technologically achievable through IoT and intelligently designed coordinating systems. The principles behind an IoT powered smart city are as simple as they are effective: connect, track, communicate and react, always in real time. DeviceHub`s ( IoT platform can enable the a smart city model implementation for any socio-economical context, once again making a difference in the life of the families and communities.

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Smart cities will reconsider functionality and environmental impact within public and private activities


Risk management & disaster prevention

Intelligent traffic systematisation 

Waiste management & enviromental protection

Social and
ethnic plurality​​​​​​​

Centralised security
​​​​​​​and protection

Sustanable resource management

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