Smart agriculture and precision farming powered by IoT

Thanks to new technologies, agriculture is less and less dependent on unexpected or harmful environmental variations and can be planned on a global scale

Internet of Things enables farmers to use remote sensors to monitor vital plant information like humidity, air temperature or soil moisture and acidity. They can also access the weather forecast, and prepare and adapt in case of seasonal fluctuations or hazards.

Smart farming application areas also include farm vehicle tracking, livestock monitoring, large and small field farming, and storage monitoring. Industrial IoT (IioT) applications are equally useful for monitoring indoor agricultural facilities such as silos, dairies and stables.

Agriculture will change fundamentally in the next decades, in order to meet the evergrowing population demand, combat climate change and optimise for delivering quality goods on a large scale of distribution. DeviceHub IoT platform can support digital transformation, smart agriculture and precision farming thus evolving the way we produce food. Internet of Things technology may help one make the most of the available time and space when resources are limited.

​​​​​​​As a result, urban farming, vertical farming or micro farming may increasingly become viable business strategies and satisfactory alternatives to large scale agricultural initiatives. Issues like adapting to climate change effects, coordinating production efforts and gender inclusion are been adressed by international organisations like the World Bank or the UN. 

Furthermore, environment protection can now be prioritized as IoT sensors are able to accurately measure toxicity and pollution levels in water, air or soil. 

Internet of Things will resphape agricultural activities in both urban and rural areas

Production optimization 

Eco friendly solutions

Sensor to action integration

Resource management 

Remote  monitoring

Cost and time effective 

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