High Performance IoT open source platform

Open source, scalable & interoperable
Internet of Things platform for building solutions for adding value to products and services

The only open source ecosystem  management platform for IoT

DeviceHub acts as an ecosystem that includes a marketplace component with over ​​​​​​​6K active users that has everything required to develop, interface, control and manage, as well as extract valuable data (Business Intelligence tools) from connected devices across various platforms, all in one place, at a fraction of the cost.

How it works

DeviceHub enables with ease all your IoT devices to be connected in one single place.

Connect your devices

With DeviceHub platform it's easy to add all your IoT devices in the cloud, this could be all your sensors or complex smart devices like bulbs or thermostats.

Build dashboards

Once you have your devices it's easy to manage them with our smart dashboard powered by our easy to integrate API.

Automate your work

Visualize data, find out processes and how to improve overall productivity and event prevent future events

Platform features

DeviceHub enables  all your IoT devices to be connected in one single place

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Unified dashboard

Data can be visualised entirely into one single customisable dashboard

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Universal API

Besides standard “http” requests, any real time communication protocol that is opened to third party integration

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Remote control

Digital or analog hardware controlled through a communications channel in the dashboard

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Big data analytics 

Data and meta-data from devices, sensors and acuators can be incorporated for more study.

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Sensor triggers

Linking data with value based actions to be triggered when certain values occur

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Full Automation

Wheather it`s industrial or home, automation is at the core of IoT systems

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Our set of APIs have amazing capabilities

DEVICEHUB builds the most versatile tools for companies and organizations. Wheter you're building a consumer scheduling interface, check-in kiosk, or back office denial management soulution, our simple APIs and advanced functionality help you create the best possible product for your users.

Simple pricing

Our Ready-to-Use IoT platform can support hardware systems and generate applications for any kind of business initiative.

Devices, sensors and actuators
API devices
Free Plan
Up to 5 devices
Up to 5 active projects
Up to 5 API devices
Tutorials available on ask.devicehub.net
Plan Enterprise
Unlimited devices
Unlimited projects
Unlimited APIs
Full solution support
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DeviceHub connects companies to Internet of Things

We offer support for companies looking to integrate IoT solutions into their current workflow in order to a better, more efficient and sustainable future. The DeviceHub platform is scalable, universal, ready to use, incorporable for any activity or departament.