Digital transformation
to smart manufacturing
with IoT technology

A scene where of new technologies implementation, manufacturing, in the last decade focused on increasing efficiency in order to keep production rates competitive while lowering costs. Although the technologization of factories is a continuous process, major challenges occur when managing the astonishing rise in data volumes, making decisions and implementing measures based on the date obtained.

DeviceHub`s IoT platform can support the digital transformation paving the road towards a Internet of things Industry 4.0 models of smart factory with an integrated platform that serves as the central structure of the translation.
From process automation, remote control or monitoring health and safety there is a tremendous range of possibilities in which an IoT technology platform that can integrate within a production facility, of any size or specification. Market economy demands fast products and highly customizable within a profitable margin for the consumer.

This is ever changing competitive race, powered by user demands on one side and technological innovation on the other. DeviceHub ( integrated platform, offers the backbone for digital transformation for manufacturing companies, helping organisations become more sustainable and cost effective  smart factory, while migrating towards the internet of things Industry 4.0 derivative. Using input data from an integrated complex solution is the dashboard of remote control for any level of production, a organisation can start experimenting first hand the next industrial revolution.

Internet of Things transforms the semi automated factory of today in a digitally active, industry 4.0,  synchronised and self automated production facility 

  Predictive      Maintenance

Synchronised equipment ​​​​​​​

Operations optimisation

Supply chain management

Health and

Real time    Monitoring   ​​​​​​​

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