Logistics digital transformation with IoT solutions

In the era of connection between business, people and information, the logistic activity is  increasing the pace of the digital transformation in order to improve work productivity and reduce the time/cost component. The digital transformation with Internet of Things in logistics will make companies to become context aware, responsive, and efficient, in a connected business environment that will minimise human error, internal procedures issue or other misinterpretations.

The industry acknowledges that there is place for improvement, systemising large scale operations with hundreds or thousands of units in coordination is challenging, especially where within a short timescale. DeviceHub`s IoT platform can support smart logistics solutions, regardless of the scale of operations or technical specifications with the unified dashboard of the platform, all information, units and people working on, are connected real time, using data obtained instantly in making smart decisions within their departments that would benefit the whole organisational structure.

With the integrated Internet of Things in logistics platform, companies or departments within a company can have a ultra fast expressway for information, data collected by the sensors and devices that can be customised, elevated and utilised in bringing a greater value for a lower cost.

Solutions of the future like the digital transformation through IoT technology and similar applications, open the possibilities in creating sustainable economic growth, energy saving and cost effective businesses.

DeviceHub`s (DeviceHub.net)  IoT platform uses this technology to help companies create a complex and integrated system that manages all multilayered data, furthermore micro managing any aspect of the supply chain. One scalable platform can ensure real time tracking and with sensors and devices connected to the cloud server.

The smart logistics solutions of the future will deliver end-to-end asset management the everyday challenges within a collaborative oriented activity, between different departments and sub departments, entering the Industry 4.0 age, creating growth with less resources used, thus empowering the people involved and on a large scale term, the communities they serve.

Digitally transformed logistics will serve the needs of major industry 4.0 branches 

Integrated end-to-end management​​​​​​​

Contextual data analysis

Energy saving ​​​​​​​

Cost efficiency 

Real time activity oversight  

Remote tracking

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