How digital transformation is changing healthcare
with IoT technology

As hospitals become more complex, a tendency towards digital transformation is in place to take over, reshaping the way we manage and run medical emergency units with the help of the IoT technology. Through internet of things medical applications, hospitals would be real-time connected, where doctors, patients and additional staff can utilise the latest achievements in healthcare in a safe, efficient and responsive environment. Technologies like mhealth, where the mobile phone becomes an interface for both patient and the doctor are on the forefront of the digital transformation paving the way to digitally based innovation in medicine. The DeviceHub IoT platform can support any health facility`s digital translation, helping the medical personnel make better decisions and patience having a better and faster chance of recovery.

The smart hospitals of tomorrow would open new possibilities, becoming more time efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable, while remaining financially efficient. Medical hardware, like the pacemaker, a technology that is making lifesaving changes for heart rate patients, can become connected to the DeviceHub`s IoT platform, utilising the possibilities of internet of things medical applications, where doctors can have a centralised dynamic dashboard with real time data and statistics to help decisions and communications. With the rise of 5G telecommunications any medical unit can be synchronized through data exchange in an implemented internet healthcare witch in the case of an emergency can be accessed instantly, increasing the chance the patient's successful recovery.

Digitally implemented medical facilities will have a better cost micro management with process automation, adding more value with a lower cost for the patient. The IoT solutions would make  a big difference in the lives of the ones who are mostly in need, senior population, people living in remote locations or people with disabilities. The DeviceHub ( IoT platform can support any widespread communication protocols, the wi-fi connection isn't mandatory, data from both analog and digital devices can be managed in the same unified dashboard creating the perfect infrastructure for development in pioneering initiatives like mhealth, remote monitoring through internet healthcare and others.

Digital transformation in the healthcare field is a social and yet economical necessity, as in developed countries, but especially where healthcare is more expensive or harder to access, internet of things offers the universal possibility for a better, more sustainable healthcare to everybody, contributing to an improved general life standard and improving communities around the world.

Internet of Things medical applications will revolutionize the interaction between patient and doctor

for first aid

​​​​​​​data analysis

Remote condition monitoring

Efficient cost


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