Retail industry digital transformation with Internet of Things

Retailers, online or in store, from the small and independent to the giant enterprises, are racing for customer centricity in a more competitive marketplace like never before. Innovative techniques from the last decade are breaching the gap between consumer needs and a retailer`s insight on it. IoT solutions can take the retailing activity to the industry 4.0  in a nondisruptive manner building on the organisational architecture already existing. DeviceHub`s ( platform has the potential to digitally upgrade the entire activity of a a retail industry player, holding an undeniably crucial point in the big picture of the future smart city. Smart retailers will continue to innovate, the IoT enhances the retail industry through an integrated platform, that can be controlled through the end to end polarity of DeviceHub`s IoT platform, obtaining a safer working space, secured data, remote control units and automated processes within the entire distribution chain.

Systemising a multitude of data from analog and digital devices, is critical for any enterprise especially in a market where the consumer can feedback instantly in the public space a bad experience, so every impression counts. The digital transformation of a retail company in a smart retailer will significantly increase the user satisfaction and reduce costs for retailers, through the integrated dashboard, customisable IoT platform, regardless of the size a market of the retailer.

Smart consumers will desire the smart stores of the industry 4.0, physical or virtual, where the brand`s identity can be mirrored in every aspect, from tailor made system architecture to industry specific standards and the context of Industrial IoT (IioT) solutions can improve the life and ensure growth and sustainability within a safely run, productive community where smart city enables the consumer to make smart purchasing decisions in the digitally transformed retail process supported by DeviceHub`s IoT platform.

It`s a stepping stone in the quest of making a better society while creating sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, supported by pioneering technologies and the people`s natural drive for improvement creating a more inspiring future.

The smart stores of the future`s smart retailers will breach the gap between the offline and online shopping experience

Anonymous consumer data collection

Remote staff



Less time spent in operations

Integrated inventory tracking

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