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Smart devices mean increased productivity and lower costs for any business, regardless of the sector, size and location. 

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We empower connectivity and innovation as a catalyst for building smart industry solutions. DeviceHub is open-sourceholistic, scalable and customizable platform (EMP) for Internet of Things in order to deliver highly scalable solutions, enabling the first cloud management ecosystem.

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Remote control and synchronization

Devices can be controlled, monitored and performance analysed within the platform, compatible with all mainstream hardwares, like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beaglebone and more.

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Reducing costs

Automation and remote control mean a better resource usage, less people needed for repetitive tasks, no more forced hardware downtime.

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DeviceHub is a ready to use free open source IoT platform, choose your devices and start! 

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Platform features

Our solutions brings complex business into one customizable dashboard, connecting everything that can be measured, controlled and assigned in the same place. 
​​​​​​​Get to know our DeviceHub IoT platform`s main features

Unified dashboard

Data can be visualised entirely into one single customisable dashboard with easy navigation, filtering and exporting at your fingertips.

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Unified API

Our set of API`s can assure besides standard “http” requests, any real time communication protocol that are opened to third party integration.

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Data tracker and analysis

Our platform that can systemise data from various sources and analyse it, then compose reports and charts  alongside prediction and translate cost saving and increased efficiency.

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Remote control and devices

With digital or analog hardware controlled through a communications channel in the dashboard, the user can easily remote control, modify functionality patterns and preform device management

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Linking data with value based actions to be triggered when certain values occur within the real time collection, thus automating an action on one or multiple devices.

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We help our clients be more productive  with the power of IoT technology

DeviceHub can support a multi layered activity through various communications portals. Visualising data, automation and remote control are only a few functionalities that companies can use to be more productive in the same timeframe, using less resources and manpower.


Retail will serve smart consumers who will desire the smart stores of tomorrow, physical or virtual 



Digital transformation in the healthcare field is a social and yet economical necessity, all over the world


Smart City

IoT for cities Connects entities which exchange information with everyone and everything within a municipal area



Efficient energy management is the key promise delivered by IoT moving towards the industry 4.0



Smart farming application help make the most of the available time and space



Telecommunications will fundamentally improve through IoT offering without precedent flexibilty 



Using complex data from various sources in one  dashboard for any level of production with IoT for b2b



The smart logistics solutions, featuring IoT for b2b delivers an efficient activity between different branches


Smart Metering Pro 

In the context of the smart meter roll out for energy, gas, water and heating, DeviceHub`s cloud software solution enables automatic meter reading and transmission with simultaneous billing and reporting.

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Automated reading

Real-time consumption visualisation and meter reading individually or on predefined groups of meters

Simultaneous billing

Generate monthly bills for consumers through automated processes

Hardware compatible

Connect any kind of M-BUS, MODBUS or pulse meter, wired or wireles

Network remote security

Real-time alerts in case of damage or static debit overruns

Ready to use  

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