The Internet of Things is here!

And it will change the way you interact with the world. will help you gather data from the environment and automate tasks.

Easy peasy japaneasy!

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Connect everything

Easily connect Duino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone or any other development boards and get your sensors data online.

Here is an example of connecting a sensor!


Control everything

So you have the data from the sensors. Mashup with actuators to make intelligent devices that self adjust with the environment.

Here is an example of connecting an actuator!


Your data to go

Export all your sensors data from projects in .xls files or other extension as often as you want. Never lose your data again.

Learn more about this here.

So what can you do
with the Internet of Things?

Here are just a few examples of practical applications but you can tackle more specific needs.

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For business

control and keep track of almost every device in your company

gain insight on analytics and tweak your processes

integrate with existing solutions to make them better

increase your profitability by using your equipment in a smart way

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For developers

learn the ropes with the Internet of Things

automate and control remote devices or your home

experiment and teach yourself electronics

be a part of the open source community

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